Somewhere between the business of everyday life and the insanity of running multiple ventures Punctuated Goodness arose.  The idea that there is something good and note worthy in every day life as well as moments worth stopping and documenting.  Not to sound too cliche or fabricated, sometimes it's necessary to stop and document the good things in life otherwise they pass us by.  Here on Punctuated Goodness you will find the musings of myself as well as some of my favorite people.  Here you will find our best of the best, our favorites, and hopefully what you will find to be really good advice.  None of us here at Punctuated Goodness messes around, we all live life hard and with great enthusiasm.  You can expect to find a myrad of topics here but we definetly begin scratching the surface on D.I.Y projects, decorating rental spaces, cooking, baking, photography, party planning, mothering, marriage and with the newest addition to my immediate family, all things baby (look for posts on cloth diapering, baby wearing, etc. soon).  All together you will find on this blog the good things that make of the miscellaneous drawer of my life! As always, don't ever hesitate to reach out me....I'd love to hear from you!!! 

Kellie is also a contributor over at Eco Chic.  Check out Eco Chic Baby & Home's Blog or Eco Chic's Styled Celebrations.  


She's known around these parts as Pammer Jammer.  A nickname that can't really be explained, but alas it has stuck.  She's soon to be Grandma Jammer (aka Kellie's mom and Little Mac's Grandma).  Pammer Jammer is known for getting things done.  Give her your to do list and she'll finish everything on it.  Tell her to do anything and she'll take care of it.  She's a marketing guru, from the traditional to the social media crowd, she can sell anything.  What you'll see from her here on PG is posts with social media tips (especially things about privacy), marketing tips, and all things mom, all that great advice that she has become famous for.  There's a reason why I never buy a purse without a zipper!  She's engrained the un-safe and impractical nature of that in my brain!

As the resident hair stylist this girl can give you advice!  And not just any advice...it takes a lot to keep this blondie happy and boy does she do a rockin' good job at that!  She's full of spunk and loves people and when it comes to hair she doesn't mess around.  When Amy isn't out eating and drinking with the chicas you can find her dolling someone up at Studio A Hair Salon in Rocklin, CA.  

She's our resident project tester.  Have a project that you really want to try but you don't want to pioneer it or figure out the logistics of the technical side of some craft project, Layla's your girl!  Hopefully she'll be sharing a bunch of her wedding tutorials with us soon because she had an amazing wedding full of homemade additions to complete the party!