Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father’s Day (A Little Late)

This year for Father’s Day things were fairly low key at our house.  We spent the weekend catching up on things around the house and Sunday grandma ended up watching the munchkin while Dad and I bough kitchen cabinets and countertops for the Eureka house.  Ainsley continues to be such a delight to be around and we truly enjoy each day we get to spend with her! So much so that Dad even kept her home from school one day last week so they could “hang out” which included getting milkshakes from In and Out.  We love this stage so much but are still unsure we could go through the whole baby stage again.  I’m coming to realize I could do the whole labor and delivery thing again but only with drugs from the beginning!  Below are some happy pics from the weekend as well as Wes’ father’s days present.  

Ains and I had these awesome 4x4 "Retro" cards printed by Snapfish for Father's Day.  They turned out great and they are on amazing paper.  (Please disregard my horrible spelling error!  ehh!) 


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