Thursday, May 8, 2014

Natural Teeting Remedies

Just finished up lunch with my work gals and the topic that kicked off our conversation today was teething.  I feel like there are really great resources out there and many a better blogger then I have written posts on teething.  I'm not going to bore you with crazy details and explanation however below you will find my running list of tips and tricks that I felt worked best for us as well as links to other bloggers that I follow and their reviews. 

Amber Necklace
Effectiveness:  High, can't live without it (husband and I joke that our baby girl turns into a monseter without it)
Tips:  Only buy from Inspired by Finn,, there are a lot of amber imposters out there and if someone tells me that they don't think the amber is working I often ask where they got it because imposter amber is usually the issue.

Highland Teething Tabs
Effectiveness: Moderate - High
Tips:  I'm not in love with the idea of giving my 2 month old teether (yes she started that young!) tylenol but more important I am a fan of sleep and when I give her tylenol she does not sleep.  I love highland teething tabs because they help sooth her to sleep. 

Essential Oils
Effectiveness: High
Tips:  Apply lavender oil to feet to help with overall calmness, apply clove and white fir to gums (diluted with a carrier oil) to the gums.  Note - be extremely careful to only get the clove oil on the gums, it's extremely strong! I love putting deep blue on the jaw line for teething pain or TMJ.  Here's a link to find these oils -

Cold or Frozen Stuff
Effectiveness: Moderate (and entertaining)
Tips:  I found success with cucumbers and celery straight from the fridge and I know others found success with frozen wash cloths, either way babies will love having something cold to numb and chew on for relief.

 Chamomile Tincture
Effectiveness:  Moderate - High
There are SO many other teething options to try but the above is what worked the best for us.  I would love to hear some other suggestions?  Ainsley is working on 2 year molars...always open for tips!!!


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