Monday, May 12, 2014

Inspiration Monday: Your Will, God's Will

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Has your will be formed and shaped and crafted into God's will?  Like to cords woven together, they battle, the intertwine messily, but together they are beautiful.  Don't forget the beauty of a will and heart being transformed for in the fiery mess there is beauty of the unknown and patience in hope.
Inspiration from The Certainty of Faith

 So glad that you could visit on this Monday morning - I know staring down at the calendar of a full week in front of you can be daunting but hold on sisters!  We've got a God who loves us and will give us the strength we need.  As you enter into the hard tasks - the floor mopping, bathroom scrubbing, nose wiping, report writing, work emailing - know that you are doing all of this for a bigger purpose.  Be purposeful in all that you do this week, starting with taking a moment to invite in the one who gave you this day and rejoice!  Without Him it would be impossible but now you can truly be fearless!

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