Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daily Proverb

Some days I'm feeling uninspired or uncommitted to a specific study to read during my time with the Lord.  When those days come I go with the old adage, a Proverb a day keeps the devil away.  I turn to Proverbs and read the chapter that corresponds to the date.  God knew what He was doing when He gave us an inspiring book of the Bible that has exactly 31 days - He made it simple for us.  When you don't where you are going, when you need inspiration, when you need direction, or when you need ground, turn to Proverbs. 
The past few weeks I've been filling uninspired but trying to remain faithful to my daily time so I've been reading a Proverb a day.  I've been inspired by the directness of each Proverb - it's moving and convicting all at once.  As I work my way through each Proverb I begin to see this great cavasis opening up, the righteous on one side and the heathen on the other, and I am standing in the middle.  Daily I make a choice to be obedient and to stand with the righteous but how quickly we are slowly drawn down into the cool shallow waters and how quickly the wind sweeps up and we find ourselves standing right next to the adulterer, the gossip, the wicked, and thank goodness each morning starts with a Proverb to cleanse, restore, and set us back on the banks of the righteous and we have the opportunity to do it all over again.
Over and over in Proverbs I continue to run into the word "diligent".  As it continued to stand out to me, I couldn't help but begin circling them in my Bible.  Diligent hands will rule.  The desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.  The diligent are careful and persistent in their efforts through hard work.  This is not a simple faith to live and it requires daily diligence and being pulled back to the banks of the righteous.  If I am diligent to be faithful to the calling I will find that I am always set upon the rocks of the righteous.   Those rocks steady my feet and keep the current from whisking me away up stream to a place that I can't get back from.  
Where in your life are you being whisked upstream?  Do you need to be set upon the rocks of the righteous?

"Diligent hands will rule" - Proverb 12:24
"The desires of the diligent are fully satisfied" - Proverb 13:4


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