Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Mac's Tummy Troubles

I'm sorry we've been a little out of touch the past few days.  Little Mac got baptized on Sunday and on Wednesday we found out she is a sick little girl.  She has 1) GERD aka really really bad reflux, 2) major gas issues, 3) Colic (which I kind of already knew). 

So upon that news of our little girl being legitimately sick and the time it took me to get over not taking her to the doctor sooner (I didn't want to be one of those over-reactors!  And the doctor told me it was a bad case, should have brought her in sooner!) our lives have been a little hectic. 

I spent last Wednesday feeling bad that I hadn't gotten this figured out sooner and eating everything "bad" ie not allowed I could.  Including my out of this world homemade pizza.  I did stop by the Nutrition Shop on my way home and got probiotics for me that I started taking.

I spent Thursday running around trying to get things done and trying to eat ok.  At one point I gave into the Chai Latte.  I just simply wasn't prepared enough. I picked up her Zantac prescription while I was running errands and started in the evening.  (I know a lot of you hippie types will be against this, but when the doctor said she has a sore throat from the reflux I just couldn't keep on torturing her!)

On Friday I started a food journal and began googling.  I now can't stop googling about it.  There is a "lot" of information out there but it all says the same thing and is kind of surface level about the issue.  So.  I'm a little stuck on what to do! I did purchase a Hazelwood Necklace and am hoping that it's claimed powers to heal out of balance acidity in the body work for Little Mac. 

Saturday and Sunday I tried to survive.  I was so inconsistent.  I didn't dairy either day (except for a teaspoon of frosting).  I did eat beef because I realized I wasn't going to eat beef until I was already half way through the mile long drive thru line at In-N-Out. Much of the weekend was spent this way. 

I also spent Saturday and Sunday night not sleeping.  Little Mac was up and wailing the entire time.  Her poor tummy was so sick! 

I decided this morning, Monday, to call the doctor.  I wanted to just leave a message but they had an available appointment and I love my doctor so much that I just thought it would be easier to go in person. 

Our new strategy (not really different from the old, just focusing on the things that we haven't implemented yet) is to give Little Mac the Zantac much later in the evening (and if necessary, up her dose to 2.5 ml) and try to get her to sleep sitting up.  She's been asleep for two hours now in Mary's (our wonderful baby whisperer sitter) arms sitting up.  I think our doctor would be happy if I said that Little Mac slept in her swing every night, but the truth is, she hates the swing and I like her all tucked away in her crib. 

The second part of the harder on the food.  I left the doctor's and I went to Trader Joe's and I dropped $173.34.  Yes, that much money. But I realized that there was nothing in my house that I could eat.  I'm still have troubles figuring out my strategy.  I went halfway through the store with one game plan and the other half of the store with a different game.  (Below is me trying to game plan) The doctir kind of carefully made the comment that "all protein" could make her sick.  Oh no!!!

So for now I sticking with a limited diet but not a total elimination diet.  I am going to try the Zantac later tonight and if she gets super upset..I will be packing her away in the Boba and seeing how it goes! 


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