Friday, October 5, 2012

Kellymom Please Be Right!

If you haven't found online then considered your life changed forever today because you were just recommended to the greatest online resource ever (along with troublesome tots...more to come on that lovely lady!). But Kellymom has said over and over that what you eat doesn't effect your breastfeeding. So today I did it. I ate chipotle. Oh no! So we will see how it goes tomorrow! But i just couldn't resist! (Here's a link to the article)

So I started this post on Thursday night and I didn't get around to finishing it.  I guess there isn't much more to say but to give you an update.  We survived today!  No crazy fussy baby.  It was a miracle.  And I ate Chipotle!  We are now two days sans Gripe Water and I'm very curious to see how things go.  Little Mac was even far less spitty today then she's been in awhile.  I was thinking this morning while I was stuck in traffic (doing an errand for my husband that turned into an hour distraction from work!) that you really could be attributing so many of babies reactions to a lot of different things and you could drive yourself mad trying to figure it out!

So far the few things that I have learned is...

#1 - Babies get tired!  And they get tired faster then you think they should and their meltdown comes on strong and fast (at least Little Mac's does which leads me to #2)

#2 - Every baby is different!  Oh so Different!! So just trust your gut.  I know I've said it a few times but be weary of people that tell you something with any ounce of definity ...because they are probably lying to you, at least indirectly because it's more likely the exact opposite will work for your child. I try to only give my story.  Try to be one of those people, please!

#3 - Maybe gripe water isn't the savior I thought it was, but then again, it could be.  And the moral here is, you really don't know but you go with what works in the moment because every day is different, and some days you may feel like your baby was possessed by aliens when you wake up in the morning.

That's all for now! 


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