Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Great Online Resources

I loved how during my pregnancy I could get all of these emails telling me Little Mac was the size of a peach and that she could hear my every word but after she was born I really wanted the same thing but for how she was progressing each day.  Here are a few online resources that I have found really helpful!

Baby Center 
-They will send you  great weekly emails according to your babies age.
-You can join the forum discussions with moms with babies the same age.

Ask Dr. Sears
-I love the Bright Starts that talks all about development by month
-There is also a great section on breastfeeding

Facebook Groups
-Have you searched for a group of Facebook mom's in your area?  I would have died without my two different Facebook groups that I belong to.  One is for the hippie side of mothering and the other is a no judgement group.  Both are necessary.  If you haven't found a group of moms yet let me know and I will invite you to mine!  The more the merrier!!

This week Little Mac hit a milestone.  I was just commenting to my mom that she hadn't started grabbing and putting in her mouth yet, and what did she go and do?!  Pick up her Sofie and put it in her mouth! lol! I love the one that looks like she's kissing Sofie!


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