Monday, October 1, 2012

1 Month :: Favorite Things for Little Mac

We made it!  Little Mac is now two months old.  So crazy how time flies!!  I wanted to share (a little late but hopefully still helpful) the things that we loved the first six weeks.  I'm sure there are a few more things that I am missing but here's a start.  Also if you are looking for anymore great lists check out Harper's blog at  Little Baby Garvin where her mom does such a better job of sharing all her favorites!  Tomorrow I'll be posting MY favorite things from the first six weeks.  

#1// Gap Jackets
These babies are amazing! Little Mac was always cold until she hit ten pounds. These are soft and snugly, they wash up great, they aren't bulky which is the best part. We may have three different ones!

#2//CJ's BUTTer
It's so relieving to put something natural and organic on Little Mac's bum. Her precious sweet soft newborn skin needed extra special love. We didn't start using our cloth diapers until after her umbilical cord healed due to rubbing I did use CJ's from The start even when in disposables. I still use it for disposables. I have three sticks - one on the changing table, one with her bath stuff in the kitchen sink, and one in my purse/diaper bag. I originally got the Mango Sugar Mint and when I got the other sticks I got ones that had Essential Oils in them..they weren't my favorite (the lavender tea tree oil smells like a certain plant and Im sure you don't want your little one's diaper to smell like they are hot boxing! It trips me out every night thinking its the teenagers next door).

#3//Angel Baby Oil

Little Mac loves her bath time. For The first two weeks she had her days and nights mixed up so after her umbelical cord healed I liked giving her baths every night to try and help establish a routine and nighttime. I got a lot of feedback that I was bathing her too much but I always gave her a little massage using this stuff. Originally I bought this stuff to use to make cloth wipes solution however I found that her bottom reacted to anything in the solution. Now I just use water and occasionally California baby diaper spray for really messy diapers.

#4//Mesh Bath Sling

We couldn't survive bathtime without this. The mesh bath sling fits right inside the rubber bath tub and fits in my kitchen sink (which is smaller than most). It keeps her head in place and makes it super easy to wash her.

#5//Bob Stroller

We absolutely love our Bob stroller! I survived the first few weeks because Dad would take Little Mac on walks so I could take a nap.

#6//Aiden+Anis Swaddle Blankets
We were so spoiled because Grandma Jammer bought us the huge ones from Nordstrom's. We love the extra fabric because we can swaddle super tight which is what poor LittleMac's broken collarbone needed. We also love the giraffe one from the cousins.


Little Mac's little toes were always cold. Despite having four different kinds of socks ready for her they just wouldn't stay on. We got a few packs of these from Old Navy and love them. They stay on great and are super cozy.

#8//Pacifier & Leash
Sorry no pic...I just want to say that babies need to suck.  At least my baby does.  And I just can't provide that type of attention or body just can't handle it. So we gave her the pacifier.  I'm sorry if you don't agree but it's worked out for us.  It hasn't caused any nipple confusion and our baby is happier for it. 

#9//Carseat Cover
I heart our car seat carrier that Hunble Pie made us.  It's unbelievable to me how people will ask or NOT ask to touch the baby...and this prevents many of those awkward moments.  You can read more about how wonderful she is here. I need to take some better pictures of our cover... but here's a listing for one in a different fabric.


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