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This Fat Girl's Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes: Part 3

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If I didn't email the form to them then they had just cause to report me to child protective services, I kid you not.  To say it was a terrible day is an understatement.  I left there severally defeated, discouraged, and still having not gained any weight (why didn't that count for anything??!?)..........

I'm pretty sure I can say with great definitity that my experience at my April 23rd doctor's appointment was anything but helpful.  When I left I went home and went to bed.  Then I moped around for a few days not taking my blood sugar.  Then I woke up and got over it.  Well I didn't really get over it and I think that I still haven't actually gotten over it.  But I got over being mopey about it and decided to take action.  I'm a much better fighter then anything else, so I decided that yet again this would be a great distraction from this scary-pregnant-you're-having-a-baby-thing that was also going on inside my head.

I began to do a lot of research online and I started to better understand what this might actually mean.  I immediately called and canceled my upcoming appointment with that scare tactic doctor and office.  I called Terry (my nutritionist) and made an appointment to see her, for what would be my third nutritionist appointment during this pregnancy, and all voluntary.  I called and left a message for my old nurse practitioner that both my husband and I trusted; granted we couldn't always understand her past the thick Russian accent.  Here is where I started to put together a plan.  I would manage the crap out of this thing.  This was another problem that I could tackle, this was another thing that I could control.

I meant with the Nurse Practitioner and we reviewed my sugar levels for the past week and she was happy with them.  She said I just needed to keep them where they were.  She also warned me that things could get harder when I hit 30 weeks as the hormones have another surge that can effect the gestational diabetes.  I left that appointment feeling much more encouraged and knowing that I was "technically gestational diabetic" but that nothing would change, my options weren't more limited and they wouldn't do anything different.  The only thing that would change was that I needed to have biweekly appointments so that I could check in with my blood sugar levels.  Ok, totally doable.

I meant with Terry and she couldn't believe the strictness that the "Sweet Success Program" was asking for.  (I took the materials from the scare tactic doctor and my nurse practitioner with me.  The Sweet Success Program was, of course, from the scare tactic doctor.) I had taken her ALL the paperwork that I had received from both doctors.  Terry was immediately concerned that I was not eating enough food. And she confirmed it by reviewing my food logs.  I couldn't believe it, for the first time in my life someone was telling me that I wasn't eating enough!!  At the time I was eating about 1,500 calories to keep in alignment with the Sweet Success Program.  Because I had decided to remove my care from the Davis Sutter Group and I only had to be responsible for keeping my sugar levels within the correct range, Terry helped me come up with some meal plans that would at least put me closer to the 1,800 to 2,000 calorie world.  But it would be tough.  The things that I could eat without effecting my blood sugar were small and discouraging but there was hope.  It was possible to survive this pregnancy without taking medication, injections, inductions, and well, too many medical interventions in my life.

As I continued to be persistent in keeping my blood sugar levels well within normal and showing up to a lot of appointments, I found that I could actually survive this pregnancy.  But more surprising was that the more I asked questions about things I thought they would limit me on, I found that actually I had a lot of freedom.  My doctor even said that I would be asking her to induce me before she would be recommending that.

One thing that has made this whole process less crazy has been my Osteopath Dr. Lim.  I have always felt full support from her.  I have kept her up to date on how things are going with my blood, my research, and the doctors that I have decided to see.  She is always so encouraging and so positive about my health.  I always leave feeling like she is proud of me for where I am at, for not gaining a crazy amount of weight, for exercising, and for taking care of myself.  And I know that she really can tell because how well I am taking care of myself effects how my back feels and how she is able to treat me.  I'm so grateful for her support through out this pregnancy, whether intentional or not, she has certainly been my biggest cheerleader through out this pregnancy. 

I think it's important to talk about the things that are working for me, the resources that I used, and where I'm at now.  That's coming up in The Conclusion to This Fat Girl's Pregnancy: Part 4.

*Note:  I am working on a post about how the Davis Sutter Medical Group works.  They have three full time nurses on staff to "treat" gestational diabetes.  They primarily work with low-income and under educated patients.  I find it interesting that they have developed a business model around the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.  More interesting is the prevalence of gestational diabetes in the Davis area.  This post is taking me some time to put together because I do not want to put out poor under researched facts out there.  I will link to the post when it is complete.  

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