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This Fat Girl's Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes: Part 2

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Things were great, and I was feeling a little better about this pregnancy.  My fears and emotional stunting had not yet resided (not sure they have yet at 34 weeks).  But it was at my appointment with a new doctor on April 23 that in some ways changed the outlook of the rest of my pregnancy.

My appointment on April 23 was difficult to say the least.  I had decided to check out this new doctor who delivered at the Davis Birthing Center.  We had made changes to our plans half way through this pregnancy and I was searching to find a place where I felt comfortable and would have the best chance at a natural childbirth (hopefully a post with more on those choices later).

When I arrived at the doctor's appointment with my full bladder I was surprised to find out that no they didn't want any of my urine, and in fact I could have had a Starbucks that morning (I was worried about sugar in my urine, so I had passed).  Made me a little anxious that they didn't want to test for infection, protein, and sugar.  If I'm going to pay to go to the doctor's I want the reassurance of a pee test that things are fine.  Strike one.

I had to wait awhile for the doctor to see me, even though I had the first appointment of the day.  Strike two.  Once I got in to see the doctor things seemed to be going relatively well.  She answered my questions ok (i.e. they were congruent with my natural childbirth hopes) and seemed fairly personable and I didn't think my husband would mind her too much.

Then she started looking at my test records.  And right about this time... Strike three.

She said: "Well I see here that you are a gestational diabetic".
Me: "Umm...excuse me?? I am NOT".
She said: "Well your A1C level is 5.7 and therefore you are a gestational diabetic".

Woah.  Deep breaths.  It's here that things really went down hill.  I don't think I was having a diabetic episode but at the moment I certainly felt like I was having one.  The room was closing in on me, my breath was rapid, I felt dizzy, and I was completely disorientated.  I didn't understand what was possibly going on.  I was so confused.

About four months prior, in January, when I had my preliminary blood work done I had seen my A1C level on my test records and I was surprised to see that my levels were close to being outside the normal zone that started at 6.0.  I had called my best friend, Melrose, to ask her what she thought.  She was also pregnant at the time and a nurse.  She's always my first call in these situations.  So we discussed.  She explained that the A1C is measuring the body's ability to process sugar over a three month period (read about non-pregnant A1C test results / read about pregnant A1C test results).  She said that in fact her A1C was actually a 5.9 and no one raised any red flags for her pregnancy, and in fact, she had just completed her glucose testing the week prior and passed just fine.  So I thought, 5.7 we are doing good!

Not so good I guess.  Turns out the State of California hates me.  Not only do they want to tax the crap out of me, they also want to control my pregnancy.  Apparently, or rather unfortunately for me, the State of California changed their measuring statics in February 2012.  Too late for Melrose, but not too late for me. (You can read more about the State of California requirements here.  Look for a blog post soon explaining the changes that California has made that has made the diagnosis of gestational diabetes more prevalent despite medicial indicators it isn't.)

So here I was in this doctor's office that I hardly knew and she started telling me all these things about gestational diabetes.  But to make matters worse, they said they couldn't legally let me leave until I meant with a nurse and went over their "Sweet Success Program" which turns out is a mandated program by the State of California.  I meant with the nurse.  She gave me all these forms and asked me to read them thoroughly and sign and she would be back with my glucose reader.  As I read these forms I became more and more scared, shocked, concerned, and frustrated.  What do you mean I may cause serious harm to my baby if I don't follow this program?  Is this eating plan for real?  I can only have that teeny tiny meal for breakfast?  Up until this point my best and biggest meal was breakfast and I was loving it. 

I told myself to focus, ask as many questions as possible, and do enough so that they would let me leave, asap.  I left that day with instructions to prick myself four times a day and records every morsel of food that ate (and I mean EVERY).  I was to record the nutritional facts for every meal by the sugar, fiber, protein, etc.   That alone was daunting.  But then I was to email the form to them every Sunday and Wednesday.  If I didn't email the form to them then they had just cause to report me to child protective services, I kid you not.  To say it was a terrible day is an understatement.  I left there severally defeated, discouraged, and still having not gained any weight (why didn't that count for anything??!?). 

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