Friday, June 22, 2012

Sponsor Highlight: Humble Pie

I have been so lucky to find {HumblePie Originals} aka Bekah.  She's a girl with quite some talent!  And she's so easy to work with!  So easy!  Like so easy you can't decide what you want because she's willing to make whatever it is you "need" (I tell my husband that they are needs! He doesn't always, or rather rarely, believes me).

I was so excited when my package from Bekah arrived this week.  In it was two of the most exciting non-pink items I have gotten for Little Mac!  I received a custom car seat cover (picture on the bottom) and a blanket.  My brother was over recently and he was very concerned that Little Mac didn't have a good blanket yet.  Something soft and big enough to cover up Santa's big gift at Christmas.  He literally said, "How will she know which present is hers?".

In our family every Christmas you get a "big" gift from Santa along with stocking presents and other things.  Your big gift is always covered up with your any time we got a bike or a doll house or a desk or something fun like that it had our blanket on it.  We always thought it was so funny that Santa could sneak into our rooms and steal our blankets.  So I had already ordered my car seat cover from Bekah and asked her to do a custom listing for Little Mac's blanket.  It's the same mum fabric on one side and it has ORANGE mink on the back.  It's super soft and cuddly.  Which is exactly what Uncle Steven demanded (I forgot to mention that his assessment of her current blankets failed the softness test too).  Now I just hope this blanket passes Uncle Steven's test!!!

Here's what Bekah has to say... with my annotations :)

"I'm a stay-at-home mom of two little hooligans. I love all things French, a good coconut curry and anything containing dark chocolate (Don't you love her already!). My kids keep me hopping and are an endless source of inspiration. After spending way too much money on baby products that either weren't functional or weren't fashionable (Amen!), I had a proverbial lightbulb moment. I decided that I could make baby products that worked well, didn't wear out, and yet allowed me to express my personality. Just because I'm a mom doesn't mean that I have to stop being me! (Thank goodness!!)

Humble Pie is my attempt to offer other moms an alternative to the sea of fluffy bunnies, baby ducks and Winnie the Pooh, all while maintaining exceptional quality and functionality. All of my products have been designed after considerable trial and error on my part to find what works and what doesn't so you don't have to!"

I will work on a picture of the car seat cover in action.  But I'm worn out at the moment.  I've hit that weird mark I think.  Officially 35 weeks yesterday and I am not feeling that great.  I'm really tired and my back and stomach hurt and I'm having some weird contraction things with cramps going on.  Every time I start feeling that way I wonder if now is my moment to finish up the last things around the house, cleaning and all.  But I never seem to muster up the then I assume it isn't the real deal...because if it was I would find the energy to clean, right?  At least that's what every one else says!! Lol!  I did make my mom promise to come over and pick up my house if I went into labor and I couldn't get it picked up.  I already have the house cleaners on high alert (I know I'm spoiled, but i do consider it my gas money since I work from home).

 Definitely take some time to check out Bekah's store, {here}.  It's well worth your time!  And if you are looking for something custom, she's your gal!  Oh and, I got the best warning (more warning then advice) from her....Bekah doesn't like pink, neither do I, instant bond for sure.  But she did give me the warning that despite how much you outlaw pink from your house it may just turn out that she loves pink.  Oh my.  I can't imagine how I will deal with that! 


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