Friday, June 1, 2012

The Long Journey of Pregnnacy: Part 1

Certain parts of this pregnancy stand out in my mind more then others.  Particularly has been the struggle to find the right type of medical care and more important the right provider.  I know that in a lot of ways we have made it more complicated by our indecision about moving and finally coming to a decision that neither of us saw coming!

About two years ago I began working of the family business a few hours a week on the side of my other job.  My other job was great and it always went over well with the guys, working at a golf course architecture firm.  But as the economy shifted and the golf industry took a big downward spiral, particularly in the new construction world, I was lucky to begin working for the family business full time.  The family business can best be explained as helping elctrical utilities with their regulatory compliance.  Now I know those both sound incredibly different and they are but what I bring to the table is the same in both business'.  The project management piece.  Well that's also what I have brought to this pregnancy and to our little family.  I manage things.  And not in the sense that I am the nagging wife that constantly berates her husband (you can ask him and he would say I do just to be annoying but then I know he would be honest and say it isn't like that).

So when I found out I was pregnant I was finally working full time from home.  Prior to that we had settled down to living in between each other's offices, meaning that Wes had a 45 minute to 1.5 hour drive depending on traffic and I have an hours drive rarely effected by traffic.  Now we lived in a relaly great place and were really happy but neither of us were excited about having a little one at home and Wes being so far away.  I would much rather have him spend his commute time at home with us then in the car.  And the long journey began.  We found out we were pregnant in October and it took us from then until February to make a decision.  We looked for a place to live ALL over the Bay Area.  We spend hours and hours on the weekend driving around different towns closer to Oakland and were constantly coming up with new towns that would be the perfect stomping grounds for our growing family.  Every time we would get excited about a town, yeah we love Pinole!  It has a Noah's Bagels!  And is close to the Herculeus Farmer's Market!  Yeah!!  And then we would begin the house hunt, and Sad Day!  Nothing.  Nothing that made since anyway.  There was always something to hold us up.  Some fly in the ointment (sorry I have that saying and have no idea why I decided to use it just now).


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