Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cloth Diapers: The Goods #1

Obviously, I'm not a cloth diapering mama yet, but I'm oh so very close.  Somewhere less then 6 weeks but as soon as 1 week away.  Below I've tried to capture what I've gotten ready in the cloth diapering world.  I hope it's helpful.  One thing that I noticed in all my researching and looking for things was that no one really had a "checklist" of what I needed for cloth diapering.  Hopefully this kind of helps fill that gap.  And I will update once I've been at it for awhile with the things that I would change or do differently.

Some of the advice that I started this journey on was this:
  • You need 24-36 diapers (not newborn size) 
  • You should do newborn diapers (I was on the fence, but the husband actually decided this one for me) 
  • You need at least 18 newborn diapers 
  • You should do cloth wipes (I was told to think about the awkwardness of only having a dirty wipe in your hand and no diaper to wrap it up in, and if you are already doing the diapers, why not add the wipes)

So that's how I got to this point.

(This is as of 35 weeks pregnant with out any plans to purchase any more at the moment.  The current strategy is to have what we need for newborn and some to transition into for hopefully the first 3-5 months.)

  • 18 Newborn Diapers - bumGenius 3.0 AIO
  • 38 Wipes
  • 12 bumGenius 4.0 AIO Full Size Diapers (ie not newborn)
  • Wipe Solution Stuff
  • Wipe Warmer
  • Diaper Detergent

Here's the bottom dresser drawer in Little Mac's room.  I've been storing my new lovelies in there.  I have however now washed 12 of the 18 newborn diapers.  The diapers in a row in the back are the 12 AIO's.  I decided to wait to wash the rest of the diapers to see how things go.  (I have a few disposables on reserve..I hear that the meconium can be pretty brutal to get clean)

Here's the set up at the changing table.  This was another thing that was hard to find, a blog post about what you should have at the changing table.  I found bots and pieces, Checklist Mommy has the best resources that I could find on this front, {here}. 

I got a basket for clean diapers, I figure that they don't always need to be folded but won't look messy in the basket.  I did fold them for fun the first time, because they are just SO cute and I had to admire each tiny little one and wonder at the fact that I'm going to be having a little one that will fit into them soon!  I have a Prince Lionheart  wipe warmer and then a little basket next to it (see details below).  I looked all over the place trying to find a basket that would work with this set up on my changing table.  Unfortunately, the wipe warmer is just kind of large and bulky and takes up a lot of real estate. I guess I didn't really do a lot of research on wipe containers; there seemed to be a lot of definitive statements that this was the one to get.  I am interested to see how the process ends up (i.e. do I get the diapers wet all the time, make a dunking solution, etc. I'll be sure to report back).   I do have another super cool basket that I wanted to use for this purpose on the floor by the crib and next to the changing table that I plan to use for overfull clean diapers.  Not sure where that basket will live or if I will continue to use one of the bottom drawers of the dresser for diapers. 

I created this card at the request of Grandma Jammer (my mom, Pammer Jammer).  You can download your own copy {here}.  She wanted to something so that she could remember the "rules" of cloth diapering.  I have tired very hard to keep our cloth diapering as simple as possible.  I want us to be successful, i.e. our family.  I don't want to be the only one that can change a diaper because it is too hard for other people to know what they are suppose to do.  See that Sofie giraffe?  It's not what I really want to use for this purpose, I have a fish rattle from Land of Nod on the way right now.  I've heard from lots of different sources that it's good to have a toy just for diaper changing time (both on blogs and in the Montessori book I've been enjoying).  

So in my little diaper basket I have: 
  • Sofie the Giraffe 
  • Brush and Comb (organic bamboo from Whole Foods that Grandma Jammer found!! yeah!) 
  • Nose thing 
  • Baby nail clippers & emery board 
  • Angel baby shampoo and body wash and Angel Baby oil (for wipe solution) 
  • CJ's BUTTer in Nautral Mango Mint stick (still need to get another for the diaper bag!) 
  • California Babies Diaper Wash spray (not sure if I'm going to end up using this or not, but it was a gift and seems worth a try) 
  • Burt's Bee's Lavender Moisturizing Lotion  

These are the wet bags that I got from {Little Bitty Things} on Etsy.  These are for on the go.  I also got an extra large wet bag that will hang out in Little Mac's room for the day to day dirty diapers/wipes.  It hasn't arrived yet, I'll update a pic with it as soon as it gets here. 


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