Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Occupied

The weekend before Thanksgiving Handsome Man and I headed down to the real Bay Area (not that in-between-land of Fairfield) to investigate potential new digs, or rather neighborhoods.  I would love for Handsome Man to not have to drive 2 hours home at night (and only because of only takes him 40 minutes in the morning).   We were checking out the Piedmont area of Oakland and really excited about it then we headed towards Lake Merritt and there was a group of people stopping us.  I was totally who the heck are to tell me I can't drive this way but as we turned the corner we saw a lot of people (maybe 3,000?) marching towards Piedmont.  By the time we made it around Lake Merritt the roads going the way we came were completely blocked and that quiet idyllic area in Piedmont was replaced by craziness.  I heard from Handsome Man the other day that the Occupy donations are being put into a Wells Fargo account....umm really?  That seems to completely contradict the point of the whole movement.  By the way, who are the real leaders of this movement and what do they really want?  Do they have goals? 

I found some interesting things to read here, but more importantly found that I knew what areas of the city to avoid.   


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