Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've Nothing I Promised Tonight

Well I know that I made grand promises of sharing lots of fun neat things with you in my immediate future however I have failed miserably in that department.  I am unable to deliver.  Isn't that a fabulous saying?!  I'm feeling sort of melancholy for another time in my life where I felt very free to say, sorry...I can't deliver.  I can't deliver my attention that you crave, I can't deliver the self-fledgling that you've become so addicted to, I can't deliver me.  ME.  So not the case anymore.  And let me preface this all by saying I'm probably a little (ok, a lot) over dramatic, but it's my feelings and that's the honest truth of my life right now.  Don't worry it's not you mom, I know that you subscribe to this blog, and it's not the Handsome Man or any other passive aggressive attempt to make someone feel bad for how I am feeling, nope.  The thing that has me annoyed wouldn't come across this. (At least I hope not! lol!).   All this to say, Woah...I need some boundaries and I've got some tough decisions to make!!  I promise for more specific details later!!!

On a lighter note, I'm so excited to see this place tomorrow on my way home from Fresno!!  Promise to buy something great and share it with you in the days to come!!

As my old boss used to say (yeah Mark Harmon!)...Peace, Love, and Girl Scout Cookies!! -Kellie


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