Monday, November 7, 2011

Containers....and More Containers

I'm a little obsessed with finding the right containers (that I also love) to fit the messy things in my life.  This weekend I was trying to finish my christmas shopping online (almost done! more on that later!) and I came across this amazing vintage cookie mold that I so so so wanted!  I justified that I would give it as a gift that it wasn't actually for me...but who are we kidding!?

But as I was getting ready to purchase it was gone!  GONE!  Just flew away.  That's the danger of purchasing things on the front page of Etsy for sure!!  Well...I did manage to find this fantastic box to fulfill a much needed purpose.  Handsome Man has this little collection of cards and notes from me that well make me rather embarassed every time I see the cleaning gals dust the night I thought that this would be the perfect solution.

And here's the cute package that showed up on my door step today...

And here it is with all those embarassing pieces of paper! lol!

Lots more to come this week...hopefully!  I'm off to travel for work for two days tomorrow.... have updates on christmas shopping and closet purging!  I promise they are very honest!  Talk soon!


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