Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why I love Handsome Man - Reason #1,418

I'm a lucky girl.  Period.  My husband is the greatest.  I'm back from Tempe (Whew).  I've been sick since the end of Pretty Girl's wedding.  Yesterday during the workshop I was sitting through I had a coughing fit like no other, really.  By time I made it to the bathroom I had tears STREAMING down my face!  Lol!  It was a tad bit embarrassing; I walked by a guy who I am sure thought that I was crying and thought I was weird, because the compliance stuff they were talking about at the workshop certainly isn't anything to cry over.  Although I do have to say that seeing my dad's ex-girlfriend was rather awkward.  She's the one that screwed up gravy that one year and said when I was being a drama queen when I tried to take a taxi to the ER because I had a fever of 105.5!  Yes, 105.5!  That's why I'm lactose intolerant now, knocked the protein processors right off of my gut! But the "bad gravy lady" asked stupid questions at the workshop so I certainly felt vindicated, although I don't think she knew she should be embarrassed by the questions that she asked!  Too bad. 

BUT, long story short.  Sorry.  I got to the hotel last night at almost 11pm and found my sleeping husband and this amazing display of love.....Kit Kat's! (The small size I LOVE), Reeses! Dayquil! Robitussin DM! Cough Drops!  AND Fiji water!!  Yes, my husband does love me!!! 

Sorry the picture is dark but I didn't want to wake the Sweetheart!  So my business trip down to Fresno was cancelled and I was lucky enough to spend the morning working in bed, eating chocolate, drinking cough syrup in my pj's until Handsome Man picked me up and took me to Starbucks to work.

I'm SO lucky.  So very LUCKY. 


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