Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pretty Girl's Non-Tierra Bachelorette Party

Last night we celebrated the last two weeks of Pretty Girls (aka Layla of *kelay*) single life. We had a super time! One of the things that I am loving about Fairfield these days is it's proximity to our Bay Area friends and our Sactown friends. (I'm not even going to entertain the argument about whether Fairfield is the Bay or what right now but we can have that discussion later) So it was super fun and I'm always loving having an excuse to cook something yummy for folks. I had no complaints last night. Pretty Girls Man even had said the veggie pizza was good and he is of the serious opinion that veggie pizza is the bastard step child of pizza.

Here are a few pics of the table and food. Recipes to come soon. When my back stops hurting and my broken nose goes away. More on that later too I guess!


  1. This looks wonderful! Great party with decor and food! Yum! Welcome to the blogosphere! Your Mom told me about your blog and I had to come check it out. Pam has been a great friend to me. Grateful to know her. :) Let me know if I can help.

  2. Thanks Shan!! So nice to meet you! I'm just getting friend is getting married on saturday so I'm going to have lots of things to post. My mom's pretty great!!!