Thursday, October 27, 2011

finally, atlanta

Finally. Atlanta. The end of a long three weeks. I'm here for work and it's been a little bit of a crazy trip. Lots going on, lots of getting lost. Today I drove for 15 minutes the wrong direction on the freeway because I turned at what I thought was my street but it turned out to be a highway entrance, really?! I can't sleep tonight. I'm so annoyed and bummed out. I have traveling and flying when I can't sleep. It's literally the worst. And, I've been stalking the Delta seat picker and well, yes I am still stuck in a middle seat. Yes, me the claustrophobic one that needs to get a lot of productive (albeit tired) work done during my trip. Perhaps the only saving grace will be that I am having a weird 2am second wind...maybe I will get everything accomplished now! Yeah right! I'm sure that won't be the case but I won't doubt my abilities yet.

I suppose fall really is here. I'm really struggling to allow myself to accept this fact because every year I am so disappotined when I embrace all the fun cozy things about fall and then all of the sudden it is 80 degrees again. Here in Atlanta it's still shorts weather, I think at least (says the Californian that for 28 years has refused to embraced shorts and now has an appreciation for them). But I keep seeing all of these winter coats. This morning a woman was walking down the street wearing a camel colored wool coat and black knee high boots, really?! I can't believe the amazing style that everyone has here, it's impressive. The thing that is most inspiring is all these business women that are dressed for the office and yet seem totally comfortable, heels and all. Can someone explain to me how to do that? Please? While I was here I did a little bit of shopping (ok maybe a lot but I'm not sure if Handsome Man is reading this or not). I am going to take some time over the next few weeks to share some of my purchases as well as a closet clean out and some other fun projects. There are several other bloggers out there doing some great things in the closet department that I am excited to share with you also.

So.. hopefully I will fall asleep soon. But probably not. Here's a pick of the Atlanta Fall...and check out the street name while you're at it, "P'Tree".


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