Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yummy Basil Pesto

Something that I really missed while I lived in North Carolina was access to great produce as well as affordable.  The food situation sure was different!!  One thing that I certainly no longer take for granted is this amazingly fragrant, tasty, leafy, and versatile produce.  If I don't get a bunch of basil in my CSA box or from Larry's Produce then I pick up some great basil from Trader Joe's for $2.49.  

(I always use clean kitchen towels instead of paper towels when drying's my little contribution to the planet)

I love my little food processor!  But sometime for jobs like this it's just not quite big enough! I love using toasted almonds in my pesto.  It gives a little extra umph of flavor to the whole mix!  I used half of the pesto that I made for pasta last night and I have this pretty jar sitting in my fridge.  It's so pretty!  It's just asking to be used for something yummy!  I'll try to take some pics of how I use it the next few days.  I read in Real Simple that you should freeze some in ice cube trays and then put in zip lock bags to keep for a few months....we'll ice cube size just doesn't seem like enough for "one serving" to me..I need the whole jar!!


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