Monday, September 26, 2011

Versatile Wreath : Halloween & Wedding?

My good friend Layla is getting married in a few weeks and I am working on some crafty detail projects to contribute to the shindig.  I love having wreaths on my door but I haven't gotten up the energy in awhile to come up with something.  So... here it is.  So simple.  Layla's colors are orange and blue.  Well... I think this looks great for the fall and then I also made some blue flowers to add for the wedding weekend. 

Here is the grape wreath that I bought at Micheal's for $5.99. 

I'm using orange raffia that I got at World Market to make the flowers.

I just took strips of raffia and twisted it around into a circle.  (please excuse my ugly fingers...I've been doing the CND Shellac that I love but haven't had time to make it back this week!!)

I used the end of a paintbrush to push the flower into the glob of glue I placed on the wreath itself. 
Here is the finished project.  I found this great wreath hanger at Micheal's for $4.99.  It's great to find things like this that I can use in our apartment.  That's always the first thing that stops me from being creative... the apartment factor and not being able to do anything permanent.  So what do you think?  It's a little on the plain side right now but I plan on adding to it as the seasons progress...thinking about something really sweet for Christmas! Hopefully I remember to take a pic at Layla's wedding with the blue flowers that I intend to add. 


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