Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Torturing My Mother-In-Law

Sometimes I really do have a mean streak.  And I don't mean a real mean streak if you know what I mean.  (lol) It's really more of a desire to torture those in my life that some times make things interesting.  My In-Laws were headed our way this last weekend for breakfast.  I have been working on this *project* that I will have to explain to you later and because of this project I had the below magazine in my possession (you should have seen the looks I got while reading on the plane).  I thought that it would be really funny to leave it casually sitting on the coffee table because I knew that my In-Laws would end up coming inside.  Well when I mentioned how funny it would be, the Handsome Guy said that was a really stupid idea and would back fire.  You can't blame me for wanting to give a fuel to church gossip fire, whether it is true or not, it's their own issue for gossiping!  Apparently (as the Handsome Dude reminded me) it isn't my job to punish the rumor mill.  So no magazine.  And whether or not that project means I'm preggers, well, you will just have to wait and see. 


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