Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why iPhone pics will get this off the ground...and an apology.

It amazes me the simple things that can hinder us from moving forward.  Downloading pictures?  Really?  Well yes.  I am stuck and have been for awhile and I have been incapable of moving forward sharing on this space because I always wanted to take the pictures for this blog on my nice camera (Cannon Rebel T1) but the things is then I want to put those pictures in Photoshop and mess around with them and 10 hours later I still have no blog post.  So here's my apology, I will most likely always use my iphone to shoot my pics for this blog and if that bothers you, I'm sorry.  I truly am.  And if you are offended by that well then may I suggest that you move along to another blog.  ;) 

Here are some "nice" photos not on iphone to help you move on.  


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